Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Buying a Laptop - Processor, RAM and Hard Disk Choices Explained

Buying a laptop computer to make your work life more productive can be great decision but having to decide on buying a reasonable laptop can be a nightmare to many, specially now a days when the laptop computing technology is advancing at a much faster pace than ever before. In this short guide we seek to highlight a few points to remember which have proven to be very helpful and handy to evaluate a laptop deal that best fits your needs.

Knowing What You Need

In order to decide what you need, you first need to list down the activities or tasks that you may want to accomplish using your computer, such as working on MS Office, checking emails, browsing the internet, networking with friends using social sites like Facebook or Twitter, online shopping, playing games, chatting with friends using messenger, working on advanced softwares like CAD, Photoshop or any other applications that might require a lot of system resources etc.

Basic Users

We think basic computing can be defined as the set of activities that you can perform from a standard windows installation with Microsoft Office installed on it and your usual messenger etc. Since these activities does not require your computer to be highly advanced so you may rely on basic processor types such as

For Basic Laptops (13 - 15.6 inch screens usually)

Intel Celeron
Intel Celeron Mobile
AMD Sempron
AMD Athlon
Intel Core 2 Duo and Solo ULV & CULV series

For Netbooks

Intel Atom
Intel Core 2 Duo and Solo ULV & CULV series

How much RAM is needed: Anything from 1GB or upwards is good enough.

How much screen size is needed: Depending on your choice and the price you want to pay, if you are a frequent traveler than a netbook with a small screen of 10-13 inches is a good choice, whereas if you enjoy watching movies and think you can't compromise on the screen size get a laptop with 14 inch or plus screen size.

How big should be the hard disk: Anything from 160GB or plus is good enough but again if you think you need a lot of space than you may want to get a laptop with more space or even getting an external hard disk can be an alternative to avoid paying for the bigger built in hard disk.

Mid Range Users

If you seek to use your laptop for doing a little more than just browsing the internet and checking emails such as playing 3D games, using image editing softwares or want to be able to run multiple applications at once for example you could be watching a movie while you are downloading music in the background and also have half a dozen browser windows active on your desktop. All such activities demand a fair chunk of system resources, so you would definitely require a computer which has a faster processor and a good RAM to support these functions.

For Standard Laptops and Premium light weight notebooks

AMD Turion
Intel Celeron Dual Core
Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel Core Duo
Intel Core i3
Intel Core i5

How much RAM is needed: Anything from 3GB or upwards is good enough. How much screen size is needed: Screen size is totally optional depending on your needs. How big should be the hard disk: Anything from 250GB or plus is good enough but if you are in to downloading games or movies often then you should seek a laptop with 320GB hard drive or alternatively get an external USB hard disk.

Advanced/Pro Users

If you happen to be like one of us, a 'geek' then first we would like to say 'hey! its absolutely fine, you are not alone' and we should pride ourselves by thinking we are far ahead of the many who are not PROs. Anyhow another bad news is 'well the laptop that will suit your needs is not going to be a cheap one'.

For Advanced Laptops and Premium light weight notebooks

AMD Turion X2
Intel Celeron Dual Core
Intel L Series Processors with 3MB+ L2 Cache
Intel P Series Processors with 3MB+ L2 Cache
Intel E Series Processors with 3MB+ L2 Cache
Intel Q Series Processors with 3MB+ L2 Cache
Intel T Series Processors with 3MB+ L2 Cache
Intel Quad Processors
Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel Pentium Dual Core

How much RAM is needed: Anything from 4GB or upwards is good enough.

How much screen size is needed: Screen size is totally optional depending on your needs.

How big should be the hard disk: Anything from 320GB or plus is good enough but if you like to cut down on the cost consider getting an external USB hard disk as 500GB plus capacity laptops are quite expensive.

Laptop Deals

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Panasonic Lumix GH2 and 3D interchangeable lens hands-on

Digg To say the Micro Four Thirds / mirrorless battle is heating up would be understating things greatly. It's certainly the segment getting the most focus here at this year's Photokina, and with Panasonic cranking out yet another, we don't see any signs of it slowing down. The newfangled Lumix DMC-GH2 made its official debut yesterday, bringing with it an impressive list of specifications and compatibility with an oh-so-curious 3D lens that we peeked in prototype form back at IFA. When speaking to booth representatives here in Cologne, we learned that said lens will actually save both a 3D and 2D version of each picture you take, making it a far more viable option for someone who is just looking to test the 3D waters without giving up entirely on 2D. The camera itself felt sufficiently light, but it doesn't seem much more compact than the GH1 before it. And at $900, we've got our hearts set on a bona fide DSLR -- sorry, but it's true. Anywho, hit the gallery below if you're itching for a closer look at your maybe-possibly-probably next shooter (along with glimpses at the trio of lenses that were also revealed here at the show).

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

How To Purchase A Personal Computer

There are untold thousands who are befuddled and confused at the idea of purchasing a computer. Maybe they need it for themselves or as a gift but they have no clue what is needed or what to buy. This 12 part lesson series will answer those questions.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pentax K-5 DSLR and Optio RZ10 hands-on

We didn't get a chance to lay hands on any of the colored variants, but the solid black Optio RZ10 was easily one of the best feeling point-and-shoots we've touched in quite some time. Pentax doesn't advertise the coating as being "soft touch," but that's exactly the vibe we get. It's also shockingly small to have a full-on 10x optical zoomer, and while things will get pretty ugly at ISO 6400, it's one of the few handhelds that even give you the option. The K-5 DSLR, on the other hand, simply didn't feel like a $1,600 piece. And it should, given that's what Pentax is charging for it. Sure, it's solid enough and comfortable to grip, but it's got a lot of proving to do in the reviews to come before we fully recognize the value proposition. Head on down below if you're up for more eye candy.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Social Media - mit Facebook Fanpage, Twitter und Co

Social Media Paket für Ihr Online-Netzwerk. Accounts einrichten, vernetzen und mit Traffic belegen. Alles mit Video, eBooks und Checklisten unterstützt. Erstellen Sie kinderleicht z.B. ihre eigene Facebook Fanpage. Die Paktete sind auch einzeln erhältl.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Printer Options For Your iPad

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard of IPAD. With all its bells and whistles, the iPeople forgot one vital component - the ability to print on any printer. Fortunately, IPAD printing applications are being introduced to the printer users like you. Let's look at a few printing options for your printer IPAD.

Epson Printer

If you use an Epson printer that can print from your Epson IPAD with iPrint. Initially released for the iPod, iPrint now be used with an iPad through a WiFi connection.Epson iPrint users can obtain free of charge from the App Store.